The Magic of Pearls - The Wish Pearl

Pearl necklaces have been worn by some of the most divine, glamorous women during the 40s and 50s.  I would say they were the most fashionable jewellery item back then. My mom wore pearls and I always borrowed it when I pretended to be a princess as a kid.

We also wanted to explain the magic of Pearls through our exclusive "Wish Pearls".  Exclusive because these have been harvested for over 30 years.  All from the Lu family.

Here is the story of the legendary Wish Pearls, enjoy and get your own right here at our shop.  

Don't forget to make a wish!  What's your wish?

Since ancient times pearls, one of nature's rare organic gems, have been imbued with the power of magic. They are believed to be a source of enlightenment, bringing wisdom and strength to the wearer. Pearls are also thought to be magnetic in nature, giving one purpose and enhancing self-awareness.

This time-honored power of magic lends pearls their timeless appeal, a timelessness celebrated in The Love Pearl.


There is a legend: a beautiful diamond was hidden in the Viya Mountains of faraway ancient Nona. Anyone finding it will possess immortal and beautiful love.

However, the beautiful sparkling gem was cursed: Desiring it brought lovers doom. A youth traveled a long distance to find the diamond, but he was not aware of the curse. Thinking the diamond would bring him joy, instead the youth's lover lay dying. The youthful lover could not bear to be without his beloved, and so swallowed the diamond, hoping to die with his true love. The young man did not die, but his pain grew until it became too painful for him to stand. Meanwhile, the girl miraculously recovered. The young girl cried day and night, but she never thought of giving up, always by her lover's side.

Deeply moved by her purity and the good-hearted youth, the gods encouraged them in their tenacious struggle with evil. With time passing, the boy did not awaken; the sad girl, clinging to her lover, jumped into the moonlit lake.

The love god Eros, moved by this pure love, and wishing them to be together, took a huge pearl mussel, using it to protect the health of the lovers.Year after year, the pearl mussel nurtured them, cared for them, and love and protected them as if they were her children; day after day,love finally broke the shackles of the evil.

Many years ago a huge pearl mussel was picked up from the moonlit lake,and upon opening it was found the resplendent pearl with the diamond, celebrating their togetherness in the heavens. It was called the LOVE PEARL.

Created by the alchemy of the star-crossed lovers, it is a living testimony to the immortality of love.